"These private classes range from beginning level to advanced level hair cutting.

Refine, expand, and add to your knowledge no matter what your level of expertise."


You will learn:


  • To Build Confidence
  • The Consultation: How to consult with a client, to build trust and to decide in a visual way what will look great and work for them.
  • The Importance of Using the Mirror
  • How To Cut a Clean, Sharp Line: Whether you’re cutting a bob, long hair or short hair.
  • How To Work With and Understand All Types of Growth Patterns.
  • Layering and Blending Including the 5-Day Blow-dry Technique
  • Graduation / Round Graduation
  • Body Positioning: How to stand while cutting and blow-drying.
  • Texturizing hair and removing weight.
  • Using and understanding tension.


Choose which haircuts you want to focus on and we will individualize the class

to fit your needs:

  • Classic Precision One-Length Bob With the Mason Pearson Blow-dry
  • Precision Layered Bob
  • Short Hair Featuring Round Graduation & Layering
  • Graduated Precision Bob Featuring the Mason Pearson Blow-dry
  • Long Hair Featuring Blending, Layering, Texturizing, Point-cutting and Blow-drying
  • Men’s Hair: Scissor-Over-Comb / Grooming / Styling
  • Curly or Wavy Hair
  • 5-Day Blow-dry Technique 


Entry - One hands-on private class with Laara Raynier.

Focus Three hands-on private classes with Laara Raynier.

Training - Six hands-on private classes with Laara Raynier.

Mastery - Ten hands-on private classes with Laara Raynier.




For details and to book private classes:

Call: (212) 995-9334 or E-mail: Laara@MastercutterAcademy.com