PICK YOUR HAIRCUT is one of my favorite workshops.   I like the idea of Back to School,  its like clients coming back after the summer.  So I created a custom made workshop for stylists to have the opportunity to pick the haircut they want. It also give stylists the opportunity to see other haircuts, step by step, from their peers, as they have the opportunity to see different haircutting techniques.

I always offer a demonstration at my workshops where I cut hair on a beautiful LIVE MODEL. For this one I will do a demonstration a short haircut. First of all, short hair is SO IN and secondly it is a GREAT opportunity to demonstrate how you can highlight the head shape, growth patterns and how to cut bangs, stylists always get a lot out of it.

I have been teaching workshops and private classes for over 7 years now and I am ranked #1 WORLDWIDE for my ONE-ONE-ONE private classes. My workshops are intimate, only 8 stylists maximum, to allow each stylist to receive the attention they all deserve in order to expand their knowledge and learn new skills and techniques without feeling overwhelmed with a big group. This gives them the opportunity to experience what it would it would be like to take a private class with me and to see my approach to Precision and how I conduct Private Classes

There is nothing more rewarding than doing a workshop in my Academy, where PRECISION is the drive and Success the motor. Stylists from all over the world come to take my classes. I was trained by the Masters, especially ONE in particular: ROGER THOMPSON.  He was the first world art director of Sassoons and created the  Classics haircuts that  made Sassoon Famous. This is the type of Training you can  find anywhere else but at MASTERCUTTER ACADEMY. 

Training where you can Learn, Perfect, and Master your skills!! The energy of our workshop is immeasurable, the  atmosphere of success, achievement, inspiration & motivation is palpable. A major benefit of our training is that you will increase your confidence, your skills, your passion and INNER FIRE!! 


1) A short haircut: How to create shape and form, how to understand and work with growth pattern. How to cut bangs so they emphasize the eyes and cheekbones. 

2) long layered haircut: In this haircut I incorporate 4 different layering techniques, so the hair blends and falls beautifully plus the face frame 

3) A Bob: My classic signature, the haircut I am famous for.   Perfectly Clean Lines infallible techniques, The haircut that will make everyone talk about you and your work,

Now, you know what is left to do... book your spot now, don't wait any longer, there are only 4 left!! 

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