Trade Secrets June 2017

This weekend we had our first ever "Trade Secrets" on Sunday and Monday June 25th and June 26th.   It took months of planning and i'm so happy to say it exceeded  our expectations, and that of the stylists who attended.    It was created and designed to inspire, motivate and guide stylists on a new path, starting from the time you wake up in the morning , a new path  that includes, advanced  precision haircutting,  gratitude, focused breathing, visualization, communication, your energy level, business, image consulting, how to train your eye to see and bring out the best features on a clients face and how to make each haircut unique for each client, a haircut they will LOVE and a haircut and look that will earn them rave compliments and you new clients.

Each stylist did  4 different haircuts on live models, who  i personally hand pick.  From a short haircut to a bob, to a long layered haircut and blow dry, to a pixie..  I personally did all the training, it was like a private class in the type of attention the stylists received.   Caroline Byl, who is my business consultant and marketing director is also a motivational coach in the Tony Robbins mold,  together Caroline and I  designed the workshop, which was a 2 day immersion.  We coached the stylists and gave them the skills and confidence to become all they want to be and more.   Caroline's love of fashion and style was an added bonus, as together we talked about the image you present to your clients and the way you want to look and feel,  40 years of secrets  and knowledge combined. The stylists who attended told us this workshop had changed their lives, they told us they loved everything about it.    So did we !   we will be posting their testimonials !   Stay tuned for the next "Trade Secrets"  coming in a few months, date to follow.   

Thank you to the stylists who attended, they  trusted us when we told them how amazing and unique this workshop would be,  they believed us !  We will always be grateful for you for giving us the opportunity to present "Trade Secret's"  

I feel like i've wanted to present a workshop like this my whole career and i'm so happy to have finally made it a reality thanks to Caroline for her passion and inspiration to be able to do it.