Taylor Swift's Classic One Length Bob Haircut

There she was on stage singing and dancing and picking up "album of the year"..  wearing a classic one length bob!

Stylists will be deluged now with clients wanting bobs just like Taylor Swift's, which means  they'll be contacting me because they know that the elite type of precision haircutting training they'll receive from me will give them the confidence and the skills needed to be able to cut a classic bob, which is one of  the hardest of all haircuts to master.

I never underestimate cutting a bob, after 30 years, every bob is still an amazing challenge.  You never know the hairline you'll be dealing with, or the growth patters, or the cow licks, not to mention actually cutting a perfect  line!

My friend, the brilliant genius, Tim Hartley told me that only about 4% of hairdressers world wide know how to cut a bob!  . A couple of years ago when Tim was watching me cut a bob, he sat there and asked, "how did I get it to lay so perfectly over the ear?" I told him, "its only an ear!"  That's how i feel about them, cutting bobs that is .   I  am so at ease and comfortable cutting them, because i grew up on them. I had to cut at least 2 bobs a day when i was trained by British master haircutting teacher Donald MacIntosh in London and the legendary Roger Thompson here in NYC, when I was his assistant.  Donald used to tell me to cut Asian hair, he used to say if i could cut a perfect Asian bob, i could cut anything.  So i hung out in Chinatown in London, always on the lookout for young Asian women to be my models and i got them. That's why you always see a lot of Asian models on my website.  

I personally think that a hairdresser's biggest accomplishment is their training. I know mine is ...that's why I decided to teach; so i could share with other hairdressers the secrets and techniques of cutting a perfect bob, whether its a classic bob, an A-line bob, a graduated bob, or any kind of bob. Precision is in my blood, it's our heritage, as Tim said. 

I mastered and learned the bob from the grand master himself, the incredible Roger Thompson. By the way.. its not just the bob line. Its the bangs, that are even more important than the line. The bangs open the face, they add a line to the check bones, or the jaw or the eyes or whatever I want to bring attention to. I even had a workshop last month focusing on Bobs and Bangs, which I'm repeating in April in Miami and October in New York City  

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Laara Raynier with Tim Hartley