Don't Touch The Hair!

So, I was teaching my workshop last Sunday and the stylist I was working with had to keep touching the hair every time she made a new section (we were cutting a bob).

So I said to her you really don't have to keep touching the hair, you can take the sections and partings with your comb, and she looked at me like I was nuts!

I demonstrated what I was talking about and she stood there in amazement.
I told her it was the way I learned, its an amazing technique, that's why I'm teaching it. I learned this technique from Roger Thompson. I use it everyday, it makes so much sense. 

Roger used to say:

"If you keep touching and holding the hair unnecessarily it will dry the hair,  and then once its dry you have to keep wetting it, which means that some parts of the hair will be dry and some parts will be wet. As a result, the hair doesn't dry evenly and that affects the haircut."

Most people would never even think of this or be aware of it and what they are doing.  However this is the way I was trained by Roger, who was a total purist when it came to hair. The less done to it the better, he always wanted to work with it in its natural state.

My teacher in London, Donald MacIntosh, was the same, he used to say to me all the time: 

"You must have sympathy for the hair, Raynier. if its curly, its curly.. so work with it in its natural state."

And this is exactly how I teach! Its a great experience to show and share these masterful techniques and give the reasons behind them.

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