Can We Talk... About Hair ! ?


Can you imagine how hysterical it is  in heaven now that Joan Rivers is there?

She is probably giving the angels instructions on how to wear  their wings too...

I loved her,  she has always been one of my hero's, her brilliant & unique

sense of humor, her hootspa, her love of life, her ability to delve right into a persons

darkness and make it funny, she was one of a kind.  Add to that the fact

that she changed fashion and  made it so much more fun !!  She even invented

the line "who are you wearing?"    I am a big fan of "Fashion Police" i love it, its so 

camp, and fun.    I  didn't always agree with her but i loved that fashion

was so important to her and that hair was just as important.   She always talked about hair

and even if she liked their dress or suit, their hair had to fabulous too. As far as i'm concerned

Its  MORE important than what you're wearing, i believe this to be totally true....I have always

felt that hair is OUR fashion statement.  


One of the amazing things about Joan was that she was totally relevant, she was part of

the culture.  Its hard to believe that she was 81, everyone else on fashion police was in

their 20 's and 30's.   People  of all ages loved her. She brought so much to life, she made it

better, she made it  funny.  She had tremendous courage and energy, and through

out her life she was a true pioneer for women, plus she was a symbol of a Jewish New Yorker

all  the way !!

I salute Joan Rivers, an  absolutely fabulous class act, one of the greatest women the world

has known.  I'm sure she would have wanted to go out at the height of her career and she

did !!     She will be so missed !!