When i think about what inspired me to become a hairdresser it was the knowing inside of me that just loved hair, the part that wanted to do everyone's hair, the part that just looked at everyone's hair and practiced on everyone's hair....i remember, it was an early age like 10 or 11, i was obsessed with setting my mum's hair, and styling my brothers hair, i bought a blow dryer and brushes and practiced....then as i got older and into my teens  Sassoon was happening.  I  made my appointment and i went. I got my first haircut there when i was 16, it was THE THING TO DO in London.  I just loved it, i loved the vibe in the salon, which was the coolest place to be. It  was all about fashion, all about hair, all about beautiful people,  all about perfection...and all about Roger Thompson. He was their genius & the first world art director.  Even then he was a legend.  He was in all the magazines, from Vogue, to Elle, to Harpers, his haircuts were everywhere, every month.  

The creative part of me became fascinated with hair.  I  saved up and had a haircut with Roger, and that was it, i was never the same.  i had never looked or felt so great. He became my hairdresser and friend.  My creative part loved him.  I loved the way I felt and looked with one of his haircuts, they way the hair just fell into place, it always looked amazing and grew  out even better and was constantly changing into something else.   I became obsessed with hair and told  everyone how much better they would look if they did this, or that with their hair. I  had an eye, i had a gut feeling i was right about what would make them look amazing.  It wasn't until  i was 28 that i started beauty school in Santa Cruz, California.   I called Roger one day, ( he was in NYC)  i told him i wanted to be a hairdresser.  I remember  he thought it was a great idea, he said i had the personality to do it, but he laughed & thought i was kidding when i told him i wanted him to train me....but you know, i did whatever it took, I finished school and got my license.

i knew there was only one person i wanted to train with and that was Roger.  I flew to nyc determined to train with him,  but he told me he didn't have the patience for a beginner and  instead he sent me to London for a year to train with his friend Donald McIntosh,  a master teacher.   Donald was amazing, he trained me, he was a perfectionist, he would threaten that if it wasn't perfect, i wouldn't be good enough to work with Roger.  He was very disciplined and very kind, we became great, friends.  He so respected all the models i would get so i could practice the bob haircuts & all it took to cut a perfect line.   It was very intense and i made it through the year with flying colors..  My creative part  had a tunnel vision, to be good enough to work with the Master, Thompson himself.   A year later i came to nyc, and became Roger's assistant.!!  I was in heaven all that year, as i stood there glued, spellbound watching and learning from  THE MASTER. A year later we opened the Roger Thompson salon at Barneys N.Y.C.  I  did it, i made it., I was on the floor, my dream came true.

I have one thing to thank for that, and that is my creative, determined, driven part, the part of me that was so inspired, so motivated, so eager to aspire to be taught by a Master, no matter what it took to get there to achieve my goal....I had passion, i had a dream, i had a goal and i made it happen.

This is what it takes to be succeed,  this is what makes people achieve dreams, the desire to be as great as you can be,  to honor your true passion & gifts.  I am eternally grateful for this part of me...i share this part of me with everyone i teach, I show by example what can be achieved when you have focused intention, passion and drive.  This is the foundation of my training and why i started Mastercutter Academy.   This blog is dedicated to my creative part.  THANK YOU.