The Oscars

Well my best dressed was Sandra Bullock, i thought she looked spectacular.  I loved her entire look !  Her hair, her dress, her makeup and of course her confidence and attitude were all there on display...she has a calm confidence which i admire.    The reason she is my best dressed is because to me every aspect of her look was brilliant and that is really hard to achieve,  we see it time and time again...the dress didn't fit right.  or the hair was too loose.  But to see someone so put together in such a high taste level is rare and i commend her for it.   Some people think Kate Blanchett was best dressed, i don't aggree.  To me there wasn't enough contrast in her look.   Her hair and her dress  were both pale, which i didn't like, plus i didn't like her hair, too much hair spray, a little "helmet head " looking  !!  

I love the Oscars, i love the fashion more than anything else, i wanna see what they're wearing and how their hair looks.  This year three major star's had short hair, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize & Anne Hathaway.  Short hair is a statement, its a look, a shape.  It says here i am, this is my style, look at me !!!    I love short hair, its so much more exciting than long boring hair, which is so over, I think we're gonna see more and more people cutting their hair and i'm looking forward to seeing it and of course doing it.    I love my short haircut, Tim Hartley cut my hair when i was in London with him over the holiays.   I grew it out for 6 months so he'd have something to work with.  I got to his house on new years eve afternoon, we had tea, and the he cut my hair while i was standing in his kitchen, within 20 minutes it was done.   Its one of the most amazing haircuts i've ever had, I just love it, its got everything to make me look and feel fabulous. Its long in the right places and short in the right places and it makes me feel young and hip and myself + its growing out beautifully, which is the sign of a great haircut.  You can see my haircut on the home page of  my website.  What about you, have you changed your hair and cut if off and seen who you are now ?????