Bob's are the "in" haircut.

Have you noticed how many celebrities, models and women walking down the street are wearing bobs?  Its the most "in" haircut at  the moment.  From Victoria Beckham to Jennifer Aniston to Katy Perry, bobs are in fashion. When I was in London a few months ago, I saw so many people wearing bobs, some were short, some were long, some were graduated, some layered!! The thing I notice about bobs more than anything is that a "precision bob" stands out, the way it moves, the way it swings, just those two qualities make for a gorgeous haircut.


There is nothing like an eye catching Bob haircut, when you see one you can't take your eyes off it...The way it falls, the way it moves, the way it swings, the way it shines, it's a classic that has lived on for centuries from Cleopatra to Louise Brooks, to Mary Quant in the 1960's, to Victoria Beckham today. There is nothing as chic and timeless as a beautiful Bob.

Fashion comes and goes but the Bob has lived on and on. The reason for its popularity overtime, is that it suits so many women and their type of hair. It brings out and defines the facial bone structure like no other haircut, whether it's a chin length Bob, a graduated Bob or a short, short Bob, the line hits just at the right place and voila !

When cutting a bob it's important to be aware of the size of the sections, where you're standing while you're cutting, how disciplined you are, and how consistent you are. What makes it so hard is that you're cutting a straight line. It's hard enough to draw a straight line, let alone cut a straight line. The comb plays a huge part too, as it acts as a ruler to keep the line straight. A Bob is without a doubt, the hardest haircut to do.  

If you want to master the bob and cut a perfect precision line you can attend one of my "bob workshops" or take  private classes.   I have 30 years of experience, I learned from the ultimate hair cutter, Roger Thompson  the pioneer and legend of precision hair cutting,  ( who was the first world art direct of Sassoons in the 60's)   I'm here to teach and inspire you. Visit my website for more information, to read the testimonial page, or book a private class.  I look forward to meeting you soon.