Roger Thompson. part 1

I met Roger Thompson when i was 16 years old, in London at Vidal Sassoon's. He  was the #1 hair cutter there, he was more than number 1,  he was already a legend and that was  the early days. It  was one of the most exciting times to be was the early 60's, the Beatles were exploding and taking over the world with their music. Mary Quant's "mini skirts' were the total rage and Sassoon haircuts were an absolute must !!     I used to go there on a Friday night for my haircut, my mum thought i was nuts to pay all that money, it was 10 times as expensive as a regular hairdresser and worth every penny. Looking back I think it was the beginning of "hipdom" as we know it....  and Roger was the best,  the man. 

  I remember my first Roger Thompson haircut was a wavy graduated bob, i didn't just love it, I LOVED IT !!! It was amazing and I didn't have to blow dry it,  cos  Roger was into curly hair and wearing it natural.   It would swing when i moved, it looked amazing when i would just let it dry by itself and best of all it made me look and feel fabulous, the best i'd ever felt in my life!   I felt like that after every single Roger Thompson haircut, it was such a meticulous haircut, he kept checking it to make sure it was perfect and it was.  More than anything,  it suited me and my personality, and that is one of the most amazing, things I learned from Roger,  was that each person is so individual, their haircut has to be designed just for them. His haircuts changed my life and made me look at my life and who i was in a different way.  That is the power of an amazing can change your life.

In the early 70's  I left London and moved to New York City. I had dreamed of living here and couldn't wait to see what life in the big apple was like, the energy and the excitement.     Lucky for me that Roger moved here too,  to open and run the first Sassoon salon on Madison Avenue.   So our paths crossed again, it was meant to be........ To be continued.