PICK YOUR HAIRCUT is one of my favorite workshops.   I like the idea of Back to School,  its like clients coming back after the summer.  So I created a custom made workshop for stylists to have the opportunity to pick the haircut they want. It also give stylists the opportunity to see other haircuts, step by step, from their peers, as they have the opportunity to see different haircutting techniques.

I always offer a demonstration at my workshops where I cut hair on a beautiful LIVE MODEL. For this one I will do a demonstration a short haircut. First of all, short hair is SO IN and secondly it is a GREAT opportunity to demonstrate how you can highlight the head shape, growth patterns and how to cut bangs, stylists always get a lot out of it.

I have been teaching workshops and private classes for over 7 years now and I am ranked #1 WORLDWIDE for my ONE-ONE-ONE private classes. My workshops are intimate, only 8 stylists maximum, to allow each stylist to receive the attention they all deserve in order to expand their knowledge and learn new skills and techniques without feeling overwhelmed with a big group. This gives them the opportunity to experience what it would it would be like to take a private class with me and to see my approach to Precision and how I conduct Private Classes

There is nothing more rewarding than doing a workshop in my Academy, where PRECISION is the drive and Success the motor. Stylists from all over the world come to take my classes. I was trained by the Masters, especially ONE in particular: ROGER THOMPSON.  He was the first world art director of Sassoons and created the  Classics haircuts that  made Sassoon Famous. This is the type of Training you can  find anywhere else but at MASTERCUTTER ACADEMY. 

Training where you can Learn, Perfect, and Master your skills!! The energy of our workshop is immeasurable, the  atmosphere of success, achievement, inspiration & motivation is palpable. A major benefit of our training is that you will increase your confidence, your skills, your passion and INNER FIRE!! 


1) A short haircut: How to create shape and form, how to understand and work with growth pattern. How to cut bangs so they emphasize the eyes and cheekbones. 

2) long layered haircut: In this haircut I incorporate 4 different layering techniques, so the hair blends and falls beautifully plus the face frame 

3) A Bob: My classic signature, the haircut I am famous for.   Perfectly Clean Lines infallible techniques, The haircut that will make everyone talk about you and your work,

Now, you know what is left to do... book your spot now, don't wait any longer, there are only 4 left!! 

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Trade Secrets June 2017

This weekend we had our first ever "Trade Secrets" on Sunday and Monday June 25th and June 26th.   It took months of planning and i'm so happy to say it exceeded  our expectations, and that of the stylists who attended.    It was created and designed to inspire, motivate and guide stylists on a new path, starting from the time you wake up in the morning , a new path  that includes, advanced  precision haircutting,  gratitude, focused breathing, visualization, communication, your energy level, business, image consulting, how to train your eye to see and bring out the best features on a clients face and how to make each haircut unique for each client, a haircut they will LOVE and a haircut and look that will earn them rave compliments and you new clients.

Each stylist did  4 different haircuts on live models, who  i personally hand pick.  From a short haircut to a bob, to a long layered haircut and blow dry, to a pixie..  I personally did all the training, it was like a private class in the type of attention the stylists received.   Caroline Byl, who is my business consultant and marketing director is also a motivational coach in the Tony Robbins mold,  together Caroline and I  designed the workshop, which was a 2 day immersion.  We coached the stylists and gave them the skills and confidence to become all they want to be and more.   Caroline's love of fashion and style was an added bonus, as together we talked about the image you present to your clients and the way you want to look and feel,  40 years of secrets  and knowledge combined. The stylists who attended told us this workshop had changed their lives, they told us they loved everything about it.    So did we !   we will be posting their testimonials !   Stay tuned for the next "Trade Secrets"  coming in a few months, date to follow.   

Thank you to the stylists who attended, they  trusted us when we told them how amazing and unique this workshop would be,  they believed us !  We will always be grateful for you for giving us the opportunity to present "Trade Secret's"  

I feel like i've wanted to present a workshop like this my whole career and i'm so happy to have finally made it a reality thanks to Caroline for her passion and inspiration to be able to do it.  


Taylor Swift's Classic One Length Bob Haircut

There she was on stage singing and dancing and picking up "album of the year"..  wearing a classic one length bob!

Stylists will be deluged now with clients wanting bobs just like Taylor Swift's, which means  they'll be contacting me because they know that the elite type of precision haircutting training they'll receive from me will give them the confidence and the skills needed to be able to cut a classic bob, which is one of  the hardest of all haircuts to master.

I never underestimate cutting a bob, after 30 years, every bob is still an amazing challenge.  You never know the hairline you'll be dealing with, or the growth patters, or the cow licks, not to mention actually cutting a perfect  line!

My friend, the brilliant genius, Tim Hartley told me that only about 4% of hairdressers world wide know how to cut a bob!  . A couple of years ago when Tim was watching me cut a bob, he sat there and asked, "how did I get it to lay so perfectly over the ear?" I told him, "its only an ear!"  That's how i feel about them, cutting bobs that is .   I  am so at ease and comfortable cutting them, because i grew up on them. I had to cut at least 2 bobs a day when i was trained by British master haircutting teacher Donald MacIntosh in London and the legendary Roger Thompson here in NYC, when I was his assistant.  Donald used to tell me to cut Asian hair, he used to say if i could cut a perfect Asian bob, i could cut anything.  So i hung out in Chinatown in London, always on the lookout for young Asian women to be my models and i got them. That's why you always see a lot of Asian models on my website.  

I personally think that a hairdresser's biggest accomplishment is their training. I know mine is ...that's why I decided to teach; so i could share with other hairdressers the secrets and techniques of cutting a perfect bob, whether its a classic bob, an A-line bob, a graduated bob, or any kind of bob. Precision is in my blood, it's our heritage, as Tim said. 

I mastered and learned the bob from the grand master himself, the incredible Roger Thompson. By the way.. its not just the bob line. Its the bangs, that are even more important than the line. The bangs open the face, they add a line to the check bones, or the jaw or the eyes or whatever I want to bring attention to. I even had a workshop last month focusing on Bobs and Bangs, which I'm repeating in April in Miami and October in New York City  

To sign up for my next precision bob workshop or any of my other monthly hands-on workshops: click here.

Laara Raynier with Tim Hartley

David Bowie

I felt sick the morning I heard about David Bowie. I thought it was wrong. I thought it wasn't true. I thought it was a joke, but it wasn't..

He has had such a massively huge impact on our culture and in our music.  His influence on fashion and hair is beyond measure.  I don't remember people having blue hair, yellow hair or green hair before he came along.. plus his amazing haircuts. He was a master of change.  Now that he's gone, I hope he gets even more recognition for being the genius and fashion innovator that he was! Just like his songs 'Fashion' and 'Changes'.  My favorite line of his is "put on your red shoes and dance the blues" from 'Let's Dance'.

I was lucky enough to grow up in London in the 60's, we had it all, the Beatles, Sassoon's, Mini Skirts, David Bowie, the Stones, it really was swingin' London. My friends and I used to go to a club in London called the Cromwellian, on Cromwell Road, it was very cool, and David Bowie hung out there too...he had a big American convertible that he'd park outside the club.

My friends and I would hang out and talk with him, he just started to get famous. His hair was blue, and he wanted to go out with my friend Janice Appleby- every week he'd ask her out and she'd say, "no, my mum won't let me because you're not jewish "  T
rue Story!!

Rest in Peace, David. I'm sorry, I love you.  xo


Don't Touch The Hair!

So, I was teaching my workshop last Sunday and the stylist I was working with had to keep touching the hair every time she made a new section (we were cutting a bob).

So I said to her you really don't have to keep touching the hair, you can take the sections and partings with your comb, and she looked at me like I was nuts!

I demonstrated what I was talking about and she stood there in amazement.
I told her it was the way I learned, its an amazing technique, that's why I'm teaching it. I learned this technique from Roger Thompson. I use it everyday, it makes so much sense. 

Roger used to say:

"If you keep touching and holding the hair unnecessarily it will dry the hair,  and then once its dry you have to keep wetting it, which means that some parts of the hair will be dry and some parts will be wet. As a result, the hair doesn't dry evenly and that affects the haircut."

Most people would never even think of this or be aware of it and what they are doing.  However this is the way I was trained by Roger, who was a total purist when it came to hair. The less done to it the better, he always wanted to work with it in its natural state.

My teacher in London, Donald MacIntosh, was the same, he used to say to me all the time: 

"You must have sympathy for the hair, Raynier. if its curly, its curly.. so work with it in its natural state."

And this is exactly how I teach! Its a great experience to show and share these masterful techniques and give the reasons behind them.

Learn more about my masterful techniques at my hands-on workshops and private classes. MastercutterAcademy.com 

Roger Thompson. part 1

I met Roger Thompson when i was 16 years old, in London at Vidal Sassoon's. He  was the #1 hair cutter there, he was more than number 1,  he was already a legend and that was  the early days. It  was one of the most exciting times to be alive...it was the early 60's, the Beatles were exploding and taking over the world with their music. Mary Quant's "mini skirts' were the total rage and Sassoon haircuts were an absolute must !!     I used to go there on a Friday night for my haircut, my mum thought i was nuts to pay all that money, it was 10 times as expensive as a regular hairdresser and worth every penny. Looking back I think it was the beginning of "hipdom" as we know it....  and Roger was the best,  the man. 

  I remember my first Roger Thompson haircut was a wavy graduated bob, i didn't just love it, I LOVED IT !!! It was amazing and I didn't have to blow dry it,  cos  Roger was into curly hair and wearing it natural.   It would swing when i moved, it looked amazing when i would just let it dry by itself and best of all it made me look and feel fabulous, the best i'd ever felt in my life!   I felt like that after every single Roger Thompson haircut, it was such a meticulous haircut, he kept checking it to make sure it was perfect and it was.  More than anything,  it suited me and my personality, and that is one of the most amazing, things I learned from Roger,  was that each person is so individual, their haircut has to be designed just for them. His haircuts changed my life and made me look at my life and who i was in a different way.  That is the power of an amazing haircut...it can change your life.

In the early 70's  I left London and moved to New York City. I had dreamed of living here and couldn't wait to see what life in the big apple was like, the energy and the excitement.     Lucky for me that Roger moved here too,  to open and run the first Sassoon salon on Madison Avenue.   So our paths crossed again, it was meant to be........ To be continued. 

Fashion Week 2015 Sleek hair

What a high, being back stage, giving the models their final touch up as they get ready to walk the runway for "Fashion Week 2015" . I think its the most thrilling  part of being a hairdresser, there is nothing else that even comes close to the excitement and feeling, its fashion, its beauty, together on the runway...  It was a treat to be  working with Marc Mena  & his team, the hair we did was flawless & sleek.  I am so looking forward to working with him at my 5 year anniversary, birthday party workshop on Sunday March 22..

He'll be doing a demonstration + 2 hands on styliing sessions all on live models, I can't wait.  In the mean time here are some pix from the 2 shows i worked on.

Can We Talk... About Hair ! ?


Can you imagine how hysterical it is  in heaven now that Joan Rivers is there?

She is probably giving the angels instructions on how to wear  their wings too...

I loved her,  she has always been one of my hero's, her brilliant & unique

sense of humor, her hootspa, her love of life, her ability to delve right into a persons

darkness and make it funny, she was one of a kind.  Add to that the fact

that she changed fashion and  made it so much more fun !!  She even invented

the line "who are you wearing?"    I am a big fan of "Fashion Police" i love it, its so 

camp, and fun.    I  didn't always agree with her but i loved that fashion

was so important to her and that hair was just as important.   She always talked about hair

and even if she liked their dress or suit, their hair had to fabulous too. As far as i'm concerned

Its  MORE important than what you're wearing, i believe this to be totally true....I have always

felt that hair is OUR fashion statement.  


One of the amazing things about Joan was that she was totally relevant, she was part of

the culture.  Its hard to believe that she was 81, everyone else on fashion police was in

their 20 's and 30's.   People  of all ages loved her. She brought so much to life, she made it

better, she made it  funny.  She had tremendous courage and energy, and through

out her life she was a true pioneer for women, plus she was a symbol of a Jewish New Yorker

all  the way !!

I salute Joan Rivers, an  absolutely fabulous class act, one of the greatest women the world

has known.  I'm sure she would have wanted to go out at the height of her career and she

did !!     She will be so missed !!      


How NOT To Cut Hair Like a Dummy!

I started my training in London in 1984 with Roger Thompson's friend and master hair cutting teacher Donald McIntosh, I had a year to be be in London & to train with Donald. I wanted to learn as much as I could.  I wanted to come back and have Roger hire me, so I had to be great.

Donald used to say to me, "get a model, Raynier, and I"ll teach you". It didn't matter how busy he was doing clients, he would take the time and train me. My goal each day was to go out on the streets, of London, and get models to practice on. I went into boutiques, stores, schools, anywhere there were young women who wanted a free haircut.   I got great models, at least two a day, and Donald trained me.  When i came back to NYC Roger hired me as his assistant ( i was so happy ) and i trained with him for another year.  I still continued to get models every week, that i did  with him.  Both Roger and Donald were always amazed at how many models i got, but to me, i had to get models if i wanted to learn and practice, how else was i supposed to learn ??

Fast  forward to now, 2014 and I see all over the Internet training done on "mannequin heads"!

Are they kidding ?  it is not real hair, or skin, they have no growth patterns, you can't give them a consultation. How can you learn how to be with a client if you can't speak to them? The consultation is one of the most important parts of the haircut, how can you talk to a dummy ?  How can you decide what will suit them if they don't have A FACE?   In my 30 year career, I've never cut a dummy head, i wouldn't want to when i can cut hair on real people !

My priority is THE FACE AND THE PERSON, the consultation, the growth patterns, the hair texture, etc. I only use REAL people in my workshops and private classes, I get all the models for all the stylists that come to me, I teach them how to consult with clients. How to use the mirror when deciding on a shape & what will suit their face and their  lifestyle..... how can you do any of this on a dummy?

When you sign up for a workshop or private class at Mastercutter Academy you get the real thing, real people, real hair, real consultations, real growth patterns, REAL TRAINING.



Here are before and after photo's from a recent private class :

REAL haircuts on REAL people.





Legendary Hair cutting Training

After just finishing training with Tim Hartley I can now say that I am the only hairdresser in the world to have trained with three hair legends • Roger Thompson of The Roger Thompson Salon at Barney's NY, who was one of the creators of precision hair cutting and the first world art director of Sassoon's in the 60's. • The brilliant master of long hair, Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi Salons and the genius •  Tim Hartley, the third world art director of Sassoon's  Who else can say ?  Trained by the masters, Laara Raynier - legendary precision hair cutting training!    

For 30 years I've been obsessed with working with the most outstanding  hairdressers in the world,  never satisfied with good  its always been only the "greats" for me.  Now I have accomplished my goal and dream, to train and with the best. Just imagine the type of all encompassing training that I teach.  Imagine your skills after training with me!

I  channel all three of them when i'm teaching. The sheer awesome beauty, precision  and simplicity of Roger's work, the amazing long layering techniques of Edward's work and the genius of Tim's work, all melded together now, by me with the passion, the energy and the intention to share these amazing skills and techniques. To  impact each stylist that comes to me for training, to grow, to become so confident that they radiate it, because only one thing creates a confident hairdresser and  that is an amazing teacher,  great training, and practice. Who wouldn't want this experience, isn't it time you took your skills, your passions and your career to the next level ?

Take action, call me now to schedule a private class, a workshop, or have me train your salon.  One on one private classes with me are like nothing else you will ever experience!!

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When i think about what inspired me to become a hairdresser it was the knowing inside of me that just loved hair, the part that wanted to do everyone's hair, the part that just looked at everyone's hair and practiced on everyone's hair....i remember, it was an early age like 10 or 11, i was obsessed with setting my mum's hair, and styling my brothers hair, i bought a blow dryer and brushes and practiced....then as i got older and into my teens  Sassoon was happening.  I  made my appointment and i went. I got my first haircut there when i was 16, it was THE THING TO DO in London.  I just loved it, i loved the vibe in the salon, which was the coolest place to be. It  was all about fashion, all about hair, all about beautiful people,  all about perfection...and all about Roger Thompson. He was their genius & the first world art director.  Even then he was a legend.  He was in all the magazines, from Vogue, to Elle, to Harpers, his haircuts were everywhere, every month.  

The creative part of me became fascinated with hair.  I  saved up and had a haircut with Roger, and that was it, i was never the same.  i had never looked or felt so great. He became my hairdresser and friend.  My creative part loved him.  I loved the way I felt and looked with one of his haircuts, they way the hair just fell into place, it always looked amazing and grew  out even better and was constantly changing into something else.   I became obsessed with hair and told  everyone how much better they would look if they did this, or that with their hair. I  had an eye, i had a gut feeling i was right about what would make them look amazing.  It wasn't until  i was 28 that i started beauty school in Santa Cruz, California.   I called Roger one day, ( he was in NYC)  i told him i wanted to be a hairdresser.  I remember  he thought it was a great idea, he said i had the personality to do it, but he laughed & thought i was kidding when i told him i wanted him to train me....but you know, i did whatever it took, I finished school and got my license.

i knew there was only one person i wanted to train with and that was Roger.  I flew to nyc determined to train with him,  but he told me he didn't have the patience for a beginner and  instead he sent me to London for a year to train with his friend Donald McIntosh,  a master teacher.   Donald was amazing, he trained me, he was a perfectionist, he would threaten that if it wasn't perfect, i wouldn't be good enough to work with Roger.  He was very disciplined and very kind, we became great, friends.  He so respected all the models i would get so i could practice the bob haircuts & all it took to cut a perfect line.   It was very intense and i made it through the year with flying colors..  My creative part  had a tunnel vision, to be good enough to work with the Master, Thompson himself.   A year later i came to nyc, and became Roger's assistant.!!  I was in heaven all that year, as i stood there glued, spellbound watching and learning from  THE MASTER. A year later we opened the Roger Thompson salon at Barneys N.Y.C.  I  did it, i made it., I was on the floor, my dream came true.

I have one thing to thank for that, and that is my creative, determined, driven part, the part of me that was so inspired, so motivated, so eager to aspire to be taught by a Master, no matter what it took to get there to achieve my goal....I had passion, i had a dream, i had a goal and i made it happen.

This is what it takes to be succeed,  this is what makes people achieve dreams, the desire to be as great as you can be,  to honor your true passion & gifts.  I am eternally grateful for this part of me...i share this part of me with everyone i teach, I show by example what can be achieved when you have focused intention, passion and drive.  This is the foundation of my training and why i started Mastercutter Academy.   This blog is dedicated to my creative part.  THANK YOU.

Bob's are the "in" haircut.

Have you noticed how many celebrities, models and women walking down the street are wearing bobs?  Its the most "in" haircut at  the moment.  From Victoria Beckham to Jennifer Aniston to Katy Perry, bobs are in fashion. When I was in London a few months ago, I saw so many people wearing bobs, some were short, some were long, some were graduated, some layered!! The thing I notice about bobs more than anything is that a "precision bob" stands out, the way it moves, the way it swings, just those two qualities make for a gorgeous haircut.


There is nothing like an eye catching Bob haircut, when you see one you can't take your eyes off it...The way it falls, the way it moves, the way it swings, the way it shines, it's a classic that has lived on for centuries from Cleopatra to Louise Brooks, to Mary Quant in the 1960's, to Victoria Beckham today. There is nothing as chic and timeless as a beautiful Bob.

Fashion comes and goes but the Bob has lived on and on. The reason for its popularity overtime, is that it suits so many women and their type of hair. It brings out and defines the facial bone structure like no other haircut, whether it's a chin length Bob, a graduated Bob or a short, short Bob, the line hits just at the right place and voila !

When cutting a bob it's important to be aware of the size of the sections, where you're standing while you're cutting, how disciplined you are, and how consistent you are. What makes it so hard is that you're cutting a straight line. It's hard enough to draw a straight line, let alone cut a straight line. The comb plays a huge part too, as it acts as a ruler to keep the line straight. A Bob is without a doubt, the hardest haircut to do.  

If you want to master the bob and cut a perfect precision line you can attend one of my "bob workshops" or take  private classes.   I have 30 years of experience, I learned from the ultimate hair cutter, Roger Thompson  the pioneer and legend of precision hair cutting,  ( who was the first world art direct of Sassoons in the 60's)   I'm here to teach and inspire you. Visit my website MastercutterAcademy.com for more information, to read the testimonial page, or book a private class.  I look forward to meeting you soon.




The Oscars

Well my best dressed was Sandra Bullock, i thought she looked spectacular.  I loved her entire look !  Her hair, her dress, her makeup and of course her confidence and attitude were all there on display...she has a calm confidence which i admire.    The reason she is my best dressed is because to me every aspect of her look was brilliant and that is really hard to achieve,  we see it time and time again...the dress didn't fit right.  or the hair was too loose.  But to see someone so put together in such a high taste level is rare and i commend her for it.   Some people think Kate Blanchett was best dressed, i don't aggree.  To me there wasn't enough contrast in her look.   Her hair and her dress  were both pale, which i didn't like, plus i didn't like her hair, too much hair spray, a little "helmet head " looking  !!  

I love the Oscars, i love the fashion more than anything else, i wanna see what they're wearing and how their hair looks.  This year three major star's had short hair, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize & Anne Hathaway.  Short hair is a statement, its a look, a shape.  It says here i am, this is my style, look at me !!!    I love short hair, its so much more exciting than long boring hair, which is so over, I think we're gonna see more and more people cutting their hair and i'm looking forward to seeing it and of course doing it.    I love my short haircut, Tim Hartley cut my hair when i was in London with him over the holiays.   I grew it out for 6 months so he'd have something to work with.  I got to his house on new years eve afternoon, we had tea, and the he cut my hair while i was standing in his kitchen, within 20 minutes it was done.   Its one of the most amazing haircuts i've ever had, I just love it, its got everything to make me look and feel fabulous. Its long in the right places and short in the right places and it makes me feel young and hip and myself + its growing out beautifully, which is the sign of a great haircut.  You can see my haircut on the home page of  my website.  What about you, have you changed your hair and cut if off and seen who you are now ?????

Swingin' London is really swingin' now!

It was so incredibly inspiring being in my hometown, one of the fashion capitals of the world, London ! Walking into Top Shop in the West End and feeling the fashion buzz alive and well,  was just what I needed. The clothes, the customers and the way they were dressed,  it was exciting because it was real wearable fashion. The colors the shapes, what’s in, what’s out. The shoes, the bags, the hats, and the customers, how they dressed and how they looked.


I couldn’t get out of there, I spent days there! I took photographs of some the staff and their fantastic haircuts. London for me, is fashion and hair heaven, a place where trends are set, where the energy and passion is all about fashion. Coats are really “in”, bright colors, lace-up platforms & boutique designers.

Men's hair in very short crops. Highlighted hair that’s blue, pink and purple… not boring blonde! I saw more bobs than anything else. All different lengths: short bobs, chin length bobs. However the shorter ones are more fashionable.

I spent three days with my friend the incredible genius Tim Hartley !  What a total treat being with him and talking about hair with Tim is like being in hair heaven.  He believes as i do that's what  most important  is a great haircut. It’s the foundation and basis of shape, form, personality, style and wear ability. A great blow-dry on a great haircut is a great haircut. A great blow-dry on a bad haircut is… a bad haircut! Tim feels its its highly important for every hairdresser to have a mentor and my mentor is Tim Hartley and I’m very excited about it!  Next to Roger Thompson, he’s the best hair cutter I know. And I know, because Roger was my first mentor and he trained me.