The authority on precision haircutting.


Laara K. Raynier.

London born, celebrity hairstylist Laara Raynier boasts world class training with the industry’s hair icons. She began her love affair with hair in her native London, when she got her first Roger Thompson  haircut  at Sassoon's. The legendary  Thompson was  the first world art director of  Sassoon's  in the 1960’s.  Thompson became her hairdresser and  10 years later while  she  was living in California, Raynier decided she wanted to become a hairdresser, and  she wanted Thompson to teach her.  He was the best in the world.  Raynier knew the importance of an amazing haircut  and knew she had to be trained by Thompson, she too wanted to be the best.  He became her mentor and sent her to London to be personally  be taught by his friend.  master hair cutting teacher Donald McIntosh.  After a year in London with Donald, Raynier returned to New York City where she was Roger Thompson personal assistant, She was personally taught by Thompson for another year.  . In   1986 The Roger Thompson Salon at Barney"s  New York  opened and Raynier was  a top stylist and educator there..  Working with and learning from Thompson Raynier mastered precision haircutting,  

In 1998  Raynier moved uptown to work with the long hair  Master Edward Tricomi at  the Warren Tricomi Salon, she  mastered long hair, cutting, blending, layering, styling and blow drying.  She learned blowdrying and styling from Tricomi, because with Thompson no blow drying was allowed, the haircut had to stand on its own...

After seeing what kind of training was being offered to hairdressers, Raynier decided it was time people got the type of incredible training she had. Five years ago Raynier opened  Mastercutter Academy,  hair cutting workshops and private classes.    Raynier teaches her signature "precision cutting " techniques in her monthly workshops and her one on one private classes.  Stylists from  Brazil, Hawaii, Australia, India, Germany &  Italy have come to NYC to train with Raynier, as well as stylists from all over the U.S.  Raynier also teaches in California and Miami and is available to travel to your salon to train your stylists &  assistants.  Read the rave reviews on the  at